An Overview of Mobile Digital Signage

Digital Signage

When it comes to the usability of digital signage, you enjoy a tremendous amount of creative freedom. The possibilities are endless, from advertisement to awareness campaigns, educational purposes to wayfinding, and you name it.

Digital signage opens up a door of possibilities for you. And when it’s mobile, you never feel restricted to a certain area or location. The same signage you are using for wayfinding in the main lounge can be used for displaying a welcome message at the entrance.

Tremendous Amount

Let me just walk you through some of the common and creative uses of mobile digital signage.

5 Benefits of Mobile Digital Signage

Effective Marketing Campaigns

One of the benefits of mobile signage is easy portability. If it’s small, you can transport it yourself from one location to another. And if it’s too big for you to carry, you can use a truck or any large vehicle to transport the signage.

The idea here is, the single digital signage is being used for varying purposes, at different locations at different times. What else would you need to cover your investment -- the bucks spent on buying signage?

Mobile Signage

This opens up an opportunity to run mass advertisement campaigns anywhere in your desired location. You can attract and entertain your target audience at multiple locations by simply moving your signage from one location to another.

Awareness Campaigns

Well, how about awareness campaigns with digital signage? A mobile screen can be easily moved around and thus, you can cover all the target locations where you can promote awareness for a cause to a maximum number of people.

Mobile Signage

Big signage is easily visible even from a distant location. So your campaign is bound to get the attention you need. Not just a single city, but mobile signage can assist you in covering multiple cities, or even the whole country with a single screen.

It’s common to see mobile signages roaming around the city before the election, displaying candidates delivering powerful speeches. Even government entities use these nowadays to share COVID-19 related awareness guides.

Educational Content

Another flexibility you get with mobile signage is you can educate mass audiences at once. No, you don’t need to make thousands of people sit together in a single hall.

Mobile Signage

With mobile signage, you enjoy the flexibility to move the screen around the school/college/university. This mobility makes your job easy, the content you have prepared can be shown to all the groups one by one.

Likewise, it’s a common strategy to place signage in infrequently visited or busy places to promote awareness, explain complex academic concepts, or display any form of educational content.

Mobile Signage for Engagement

Digital signage can boost engagement in shops, restaurants, even in hospitals, eventually lowering the perceived waiting time. Visitors hate sitting stagnant for hours doing nothing. Not everyone enjoys being glued to a phone for hours.

Mobile Signage

Digital signage can keep them engaged; you can show a movie, documentary, or any informative video while the people are waiting outside, or in the lounge. People prefer to visit hospitals, restaurants, or corporate offices where the waiting time is less.

And when it’s mobile, you enjoy the flexibility of using the same signage in different rooms or lounges.

Customized Content for Audiences

Since mobile signage is likely to be used for varying purposes, and the audience will be different at each time, you can display content that resonates with them. The audience sitting in the waiting lounge of a hospital would prefer health awareness videos.

Mobile Signage

Likewise, someone dining in a restaurant would prefer to watch a movie or drama. With mobile signage, you can prepare content for different audiences and entertain or educate them.

Should You Buy a Mobile Signage or Rent One?

The choice is yours. The price of digital signage varies depending on the size and features. Digital signage in Dubai can cost you up to AED 30,000 if you want to buy a large one. A smaller one comes as cheap as AED 3000.

Whereas when you go to rent one, the per-day rent can be anything between AED 1000 to AED 5000. Should you buy one or rent one, it depends on your use. If you need signage for long-term use, then you should definitely buy one.

And if it’s for a single-day event, then renting one is a feasible option. However, in the longer run, owning mobile signage opens up a myriad of opportunities for you.

Whatever your business is, mobile signage will always be useful. If you are a shopkeeper, you can keep it inside or outside your shop to display menu and prices, anything unique about your shop, and grab the attention of the passersby.

Likewise, in the corporate world, digital signage can be a source of communication or connectivity among different departments. Mobile signage remains useful for you even if you change your business or location.

So all in all, if you can afford one, go for it. It’s worth your money!

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