DG Signage LED video lighting solutions are meant to transform any industrial building into a landmark. DGsignage is one of the leading video wall suppliers UAE, offering the complete range of video wall systems, which can be used to create the most stunning and captivating LED video wall, to highlight the architectural details of the buildings or to focus on a particular object. The LED video wall rental Dubai services give businesses a unique opportunity to attract consumers by creating a spectacular façade at night. Our superior LED advertising screens ensure you get the highest quality services with crisp and high-quality video lighting to emphasize the architecture and transform any building into a landmark.
LED video Lighting Solutions:

Facade Light Solution
Architecture Decoration
Landscape Light Solution



At DG Signage, we are one of the largest video wall suppliers in Dubai offering complete range of video wall rental Dubai products to help meet your business needs. As a leading supplier of video wall suppliers in Dubai, you can contact our expert designers and strategists to create a completely customized LED video wall from a diverse assortment of light products, to create the most stunning video wall UAE and fascinate your customers. Our engineers and technical staff are fully resourced to work on complex projects and ensure the highest-precision for all projects.

Products Assortment offered includes:
– Pixel Light
– Linear Light
– Media Mesh
– Strip Curtain
– Wall Washer
– Control Systems