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Digital Signage: All the Latest Trends to Experience in 2020

Digital Signage

2019 has been the year when the digital outdoor advertising market boomed as audiences finally began to realise and embrace the trend. For marketers and advertising companies, it was all about understanding target demographics, campaign optimisation, creating content which connects with real-world scenarios and using digital platforms as a means to buy media programmatically.
Now that we’re in 2020 and given to the present COVID-19 situation, the digital industry primed even further adding quality, relevancy, creativity and data-driven technology. And with all the latest trends and technological breakthroughs, we’ve also witnessed the coming of digital signage that’s no more complicated and expensive but easily manageable through cloud-based systems.
It’s an undeniable fact that digital signage is a highly effective and incredible communication tool used commonly nowadays to educate, inform and advertise to the audience worldwide. Check out some cool trends in 2020 exclusively brought to you by one of the leading digital signage companies in Dubai.

Internal Use of Digital Signage

Many organisations today use large digital screens and advertising display panels not just for outdoor marketing but also as digital boards for internal communication. In 2020, this particular trend would go up further but with a bit more personal approach as to how organisations can better relay information to particular users and customers for business success.

Dynamic Content Creation

How to gauge the performance of digital signage is a common debate. Besides quality check and measures such as return on objectives, it’s challenging to identify who’s actually viewing the screen at any particular point of time. One of the simplest and legal applications of better screen metrics is through data-driven insights to help you create brand awareness campaigns and personalised promotional strategies.
The research revealed that more or less 80% customers are likely to purchase a product from a brand offering more of a personalised experience. Perhaps one of the finest examples of digital signage technology used by outdoor signage companies in Dubai and worldwide are using face identification. The tech is embedded into digital advertising screens and monitor who’s watching what and when with other details such as age, caste, gender so on.

Secured Dashboard Sharing

Businesses today are more empowered and interconnected with many different data-driven tools especially digital signage dashboards used for secure information sharing. Most of these dashboards come with secure login to ensure confidentiality of users and businesses, allowing them to share only what they want others to see. This particular technology is expected to move into a more advanced phase in future as we might expect cloud-based dashboard rendering which will simply remove publicising of the dashboards or shared logins.

Brand Design

The way content is being displayed and shared with the users through digital signage technology is about to get to a whole new level given to the environment and surrounding.
Corporate branding and design would be more in-focus especially for digital signage displays thereby ensuring seamless communication of the content among various channels such as employee portals, messaging system, screen medium and more; all without ignoring the brand specification.
Companies working with digital signage solutions would need to have their content management system powered up and let owners to work with a brand theme.

More Interaction via Mobile

Almost everything is mobile nowadays! Be it a voice command or simple finger taps, the fastest growing industry is that of telecom powered by the latest digital tech to give users a more immersive, seamless and personalised experience. No doubt, managing digital signage content from mobile would be possible in the coming days.
A few relatable examples can be of QR code scan to launch a programme or access screen through smartphones. Yet another next-level tech is printable and stick-on QR code giving you the same convenience without the luxury of a digital screen. Access to digital signage via mobile ensures a high level of control for the screens while further surfacing voices and messages even.

Outdoor Digital Signage

Never have we been more glued to our screens as nowadays which led to another major evolution of digital signage tech as a means to entertain, bring together the public for a more communal viewing experience. These outdoor digital screens have become more legible given to the advanced reflective LCD technology which let us see even in direct sunlight. In the coming days, digital signage would be used more as a means of public information display, wayfinding, interactive advertising and quick services in restaurants.
The future of digital signage is bright and the possibilities of applications for better analytics are high in 2020.

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