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Uses of Digital signage in Banking Sector in the UAE 2021

Digital Signage

Tech revolution has left no industry untouched, that also includes the banking sector that evolved significantly over the years. From traditional pen and paper, pile of heavy ledgers and overwhelming diaries, much of the banking procedure is now automated; even the marketing and advertising that has moved from print to digital.

The coming of digital signage provided the ability to display up-to-date information to clients, customers and internal staff in an interactive manner, thus relieving from the stress of hectic design, print and distribution as in traditional marketing. Although electronic kiosks and digital tech is abundant all over the world, we’ll look specifically into the use of digital signage in Dubai for banking sector.

Synopsis – Possible Uses of Digital Signage Display in Banks

When you walk into the local bank branch today, chances are high that you’ll come across many different digital signage being used for a variety of purposes.


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The technology has been found quite useful in bridging the gap between traditional, physical banks and digital/electronic banking. Uses of digital signage, typically inside the bank branch are:

Window Displays

Long gone are the days of static billboards and poster advertisements as the coming of interactive LEDs, projectors and signage have changed the overall look of outdoor advertisement. However, core purpose remains same that is to attract passers-by, be it in the car or on foot, get the message communicated and prompt them in taking an action; which means avail the service.

In the past, posters and billboards were mostly used as window displays but the entire production, distribution and installation was both time and resource consuming! On the contrary, digital ads can be easily managed from the branch simply through relevant software, digital marketing and media tools. However, one of the most effective ways is to let a professional digital signage company in Dubai manage this particular task while banks can conveniently proceed with their routine work; a win-win situation for all!

Seasonal offers, latest products, financial information, saving rates and much more can all be displayed instantly. Recently Samsung introduced Semi-outdoor Signage


Digital signage also gives you the ability to target customers by their demography and geography thus conveying the right information to the right people to get the best results.

Digital signage, from a typical digital signage agency in Dubai, is available in ultra-bright and anti-glare screens that are easily visible in even ambient light conditions. Vibrant images, commercial advertisements, animated messages, videos and more; all can be displayed effectively and managed efficiently.

Interactive Display Units

The benefit of integrated touchscreen displays to the signage has gained significant popularity while also relieves the stress from waiting in longer queues only to wait for a teller. Many visitors, clients and customers in a bank these days make use of touchscreens on their smartphones, either via app or simply do so through a touchpad-integrated signage unit thus saving them time while experiencing quality service in a safe and secure manner. All of it builds trust which further prompt banking industry to go digital.

Advertising Displays

There’re still, a few procedures in the bank that requires person-to-person interaction and manual work for which a customer might’ve to wait in the branch. This is the best time for banks to expose them as well as others with their product ads and digital marketing campaigns, displayed amazingly on the signage screens. It can be done from simple, freestanding and flexible digital display units to multiplex LEDs mounted on the walls; banks are free to choose any based on both theirs and customers’ convenience.

Through these digital screens, banks have the opportunity to market their in-store products, upcoming offers, promotions to create awareness, familiarity and ensure the marketing message is clearly communicated. Most of the time, info-display units in the banks are either free-standing or wall-mounted in the main customer area, displaying different information like opening and closing time, contact details, savings and currency rates, exchange rates, queue time and more. 

Digital signage units also give you the ability to change the information at any time of the day based on latest trends and industry updates.

Essential Staff Training

Yet another amazing use of digital signage in the banking industry is for training the essential staff, especially newly hired. Rather than hiring a professional to come to the branch, then pay for his or her services can be both time taking and expensive; all you need to do is play training videos on the official bank’s digital signage network thus keeping the workers updated on everything as well as interactively share crucial information, policy and other such resources, thus ensuring the staff is motivated, invested, updated and appreciated.

Provided above are a few amazing uses of digital signage technology in the banking industry across Dubai and the UAE! Bank owners and managers, however, are free to put their creativity to work and make use of the tech per their liking.


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